NP PAC supports state laws that expand access to Nurse Practitioner care across North Carolina.

The SAVE Act

Streamlining regulations to allow for APRNs to fully utilize their training is one path to alleviate physician shortages while helping to keep health care costs under control. Lawmakers need to focus on a patient access system that ensures quality care with proper oversight.

Full Practice Authority for APRNs

Due to the pandemic, North Carolina has temporarily waived some restrictive practice rules — presenting opportunities to increase traction for full practice authority for APRNs. The rule waivers in in Session Laws 2020-3 and 2021-1 should become permanent. This would bring our state practice act into alignment with other unrestricted states and increase access to NP care.

Geographic Scope of Practice

Nurse practitioners across the country are educated in Masters’ level programs with nationally required curriculum and we take the same rigorous national certification exams. Our ability to practice and provide access to health care in North Carolina should not hinge on geography.

NCGA Advocacy Day

At a time when access to care and quality outcomes has never been more important in North Carolina, NP PAC raises state legislators’ awareness of the illogical use of the NP workforce. The next NCGA Advocacy Day is April 14, 2021.

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