Like any Political Action Committee, NP PAC is an advocacy and activism tool. It is not a membership organization and does not replace NCNA or the Council of Nurse Practitioners.

Our Mission

NP PAC is an independent PAC whose mission is to increase NP visibility and involvement in our state’s political process. NP PAC aligns completely with the NP Council goal to increase North Carolinians’ access to NP care. The most important short term action necessary to meet this goal is the passage of legislation to authorize NPs to practice fully within our education, licensure and certification. Since its creation in 2005, NP PAC has stayed focused on its mission.

How NC-PAC Funds Are Used

The combined NP PAC contributions of hundred of North Carolina nurse practitioners give us important visibility and a more effective voice with legislators, increasing the number of policy-makers who understand NP practice, are willing to listen to NPs on important issues and who seek our input early in the legislative process. NP PAC contributions are used strategically to elect and re-elect legislators who sponsor or otherwise support legislation important to NPs and our patients.

Learn More & Contribute

NP PAC treasurer is Leslie Sharpe. Visit our Contribute page or reach Leslie at